Who is Sooz?
Who is Sooz?

I have always been fortunate enough to find underwear that is comfortable and that fits "off the rack" at chain stores. Recently though, I have found that I am between sizes and that I never find anything that fits properly. I went bra shopping with my Aunt and she too found it difficult to find a bra that she was comfortable in. A family member required a prosthetic bra and mentioned to me the exorbitant costs associated with finding a bra or costume to suit her needs, and this led me to believe that I needed to find a solution for all of us.


I enjoy sewing and when I found a course on constructing bras I thought I'd try it out. I learnt so much during the course, such as finding the right styles and fabric options to suit an individual's shape and requirements that I decided to use what I learnt. I have since set up Sooz.  Based on the measurements we take, bras, panties, swimwear and sleepwear will be made to measure for each person's unique figure.

We look forward to helping you find your perfect fit.


Susan Goulding   |  Cell : 082 411 4032

Email : susan@sooz.co.za

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